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February 11th, 12th 13th, 2005

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Company History

It all began in 1969, when James Martin Woelfle had a vision. A vison of a successful auto body shop. It was then he started his own business called J.M.W. Automotive Inc. It started out being a general auto body shop, but as the years passed Jim's (James) vision became clear and J.M.W. Automotive Inc., the 4x4 Specialists was born in 1980. With hard work, dedication and skill Jim and his wife Pat expanded the business. It was growing at an amazing rate. As their children finished school they too came to contribute their skills at J.M.W. Jamie, their oldest son, is one of the transmission technicians and a shop supervisor. Tammy, the oldest daughter, helps the business by being one of the top sales persons. After several property acquisitions J.M.W. ran out of room to grow in Kitchener. It was then, in 1998, that Logel's Auto Centre was started. The auto recycling facility was built and run by Pat's father, Clarence Logel. J.M.W. purchased the yard as a sister company of J.M.W., that way Clarence was pleased to stay within the family and J.M.W. then had room to continue growing. Chad, the youngest son, manages this facility and their middle daughter Kelly is the office administrator for Logel's and the Public Relations Manager at J.M.W. Automotive. Which brings us to the present.

Mission Statement

J.M.W. Automotive Inc. Logel's Auto Centre are committed to providing outstanding customer service, and strive to exceed the customers expectations while supplying quality used and rebuilt vehicle parts, in an amicable, safe and environmentally conscious surrounding.
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